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Black Cats, Halloween

& how Rosie and

Duke Saved my Life

Peppy Pets
Nov. 06, 03

Duke and Rosie

I have two dogs a Golden Retriever and a Saint Bernard.
Both of these dogs have helped me out of dangerous situations.

Lets start with Duke. Duke is a Golden Retriever - Saint Bernard
mix and is eight years old. Four years ago a couple of days before
Christmas we had a fire. I was staying by my mom and grandma's
with my four kids and Duke for the  holidays. A box of presents
and wrapping paper had gotten pushed to close to the space
heater and caught fire.

The fire alarm never went off because there was no battery in it.
Duke kept barking at me and hitting me with his  head trying to
wake me up. I kept pushing him away and told him to leave me
alone it was too early to go outside. So he grabbed my arm
in his mouth and dragged me out of bed pulling me towards the
living room. When I stood up I  smelled the smoke and saw an
orange glow. I was able to get the fire out.

Luckily only the corner where the heater was burned. If it
wasn't for Duke I know not all of us would have gotten out. You
see my mom is bedridden and my grandma uses a wheel chair.
He knew who to get to get the fire out.

I just had to write in and tell you are experience with the holidays
coming up. Remember to always keep batteries in the smoke
alarm and keep stuff away from heaters.

Then there is Rosie a Chihuahua - Dachshund mix and is four years
old. My sister lives out in the country and has all kinds of wild life
visit. Last fall I was staying there for a visit and was out in the yard
raking and Rosie was outside with me. When all of sudden she started
growling and snarling at something behind me.

I have never before that day  seen her act like that. When I turned
around there was huge raccoon running towards me. Rosie kept it
away from me while I ran to the house then she came inside with me.

My brother in law was home and went out and had to shoot it.
The raccoon was rabid. If Rosie hadn't been outside with me I would
never had known it was there. Luckily we weren't bit by it.

Both dogs are spoiled rotten. My mom is now in a nursing home
but both dogs get to go see her. They go every where we go.
I just have to pick up the car keys and they are the first ones
to the door.
Mary Danour


I believe that our pets come back to watch over us as
guardian Angels. We lost our American Eskimo dog Nanook a few
years back. Two weeks after her death we released her ashes
in our backyard where she loved to run. The next day we saw
her just for a brief moment but there she was like we
remembered standing on top of the hill looking towards the
house. No more than that and she was gone. We bought a dog
another American Eskimo Sage who seems to have a lot of
Nanook in her, I do believe that we will be together forever
no matter what we call her she has the same soul.

Angel ;)

Black Cats and Halloween

Since we missed sending an issue on Halloween.....cats have
always had this certain connotation to the holiday and
have been blamed for being everything from witches to

We thought you guys would like to check out the real facts
about cats, plus many of the myths and superstitions about them.

Do Black Cats Really Cause Bad Luck?

Superstitions, Myths, & Beliefs About Black Cats

For info on all aspects of cat care:

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On Tuesday we had such a beautiful day out, we just
shut down the computer and went horseback riding on Shadow
and Smokey, then Tippy got a much needed bath.....although she
didn't think so.

We are also going to start sending out only two emails a
week instead of three. This will cut down on the amount
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Thanks for being such a faithful reader and great pet owner,
we do appreciate you!
Tippy, Alfred and Dave

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