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Today we have a wonderful pet story about a Toy Poodle

Peppy Pets
Sept. 26, 03

This Precious Little Angel Toy Poodle named .....Maggie

During my lunch hour in 1984 I made a down payment
on a tiny little black toy poodle. I Rushed back to the office
and called my friend to tell her the good news.  I was
supposed to pick her up on Christmas Eve, the time she
would turn 6 weeks old.

When I went to pick her up, the lady brought her out with
a ceramic Christmas tag hanging around her neck with
the words “Merry Christmas from Linda and Charlie”.  Linda
and I crafted ceramics together and she had paid the
balance on my little dog.

I named this precious little “angel” puppy “Maggie”.
Later, I discovered that she had a little white heart on her
chest where her tags hung and called her my love
child.  She became my best friend and the love of my life.

We walked through life together until May of this year when
she was 18 ½ years old.  She began to shows signs that she
could possibly be dying and none of my supplement treatments
would help her.

So, while crying my heart out, I called my sister who came
right away.  We drove to the local animal shelter in my town,
which was at the police department.  I had talked with them
earlier and they said they could put her down for free for me.

When we got there, two policemen talked with us and one
of them told us that the only way he could put her down was
to shoot her. My sister told them that we would go to her
vet instead. One of the policemen seemed very compassionate
and expressed his sympathy for my loss.

As we drove down the road to the vet’s office, the kinder
policeman pulled up behind us and asked if we would stop.
He asked my sister to come back to the patrol car and
talk with him. She wondered if she had done anything wrong.
However, the policeman told her that he had to have several
of his pets put down and he always brought them home and
buried them. He said for me to call him after the vet put her
down and he would come to my house and dig the hole and
bury her in my yard in our hot humid weather.

So you see, God sent me four beautiful angels with one on loan.
The 1st one was Linda, my friend, the 2nd one was my sister
who graciously gave to me, and the 3rd angel was my beloved
little companion "Maggie" and the 4th was the "big ole teddy
bear" policeman who worked so hard in the heat to bury her
for me. I miss her SO MUCH!

Sent in by: Dian Wilkerson


The Rainbow Bridge

One of the tragedies of owning a pet is, that sooner or
later we are going to have to deal with losing them to death.

What has helped countless folks get through this time of
grief and bereavement is the Rainbow Bridge poem.

You can read it online here:


What the pets here at Pet Care Tips want to do

Is Help your pet live the longest life possible.

One of the most important things you can do to help
accomplish that is to feed them the best nutrition possible.

We have seen such amazing differences in Tippy & Alfred
since we switched their food over to Lifes Abundance and
the Daily Supplement. In fact, Tippy is 12 1/2 and has
the energy of most dogs half her age, plus a beautiful and shiny,
soft coat....and no health problems.

We can't tell you what to feed your pets. We can strongly
suggest you do some serious consideration about giving
them a high quality food and supplement and then see for
yourself the difference in your pets.

We're sure you too will be amazed at the difference.
We know your pet will.

A Delightful Dining Experience for Dogs & Cats


Dear Tippy & Alfred,

I just have to share this with you.  I have a long haired
Chihuahua mix, 8lbs. She doesn't get too excited about her

I've had her on burns dog food for quite awhile and put a
tiny bit of Iams wet food on it. I received Life's Abundance this
morning and thought I'd try mixing the two to introduce her to it.

I'm shocked, she ate the Life's Abundance and left the burns!
So I put a little more dry Abundance without the wet, she ate
that too and still left the burns.  Guess there is a flavor
difference in dog foods. She always pulls her nose up at any
dog treats and this she ate dry.........something good for her
and she enjoys it.

Thank you, Linda Puckett


In 1992 I moved from California back to my home state of
North Carolina bringing a Poodle, a Maltese / Poodle mix, a
tiny puppy and three grown cats on the road trip. I had made
no prior motel arrangements and was pleasantly surprised
when I stopped at four different motels, walked into the
office and asked if pets were allowed as I had six, and was
told yes each time.

I might add that I was very careful to take the dogs for
regular walks and to set the kitty box up in the bathroom
immediately upon arriving, and before leaving, to check
carefully that all the litter was off the floor and there
were no signs that pets had ever been there. I also never
left the dogs alone in the rooms. However, I did leave the
cats for short times.

In the past year I've made a couple trips with my Shih Tzu
and Poodle and have made reservations on-line for these
trips. I found that the motel employees enjoy having the
pets, giving them treats and playing with them. I'm
encouraged by the fact that this must be because there are
many pet-lovers like myself who love to travel with their
babies in tow and take the same precautions as I in assuring
that there is no 'evidence' left behind in the motels.

Nola DeWitt, LiMing (Shih Tzu), Elvis (Poodle)
Xiaou Wei (Shih Poo), & (Cats) Leola Mae, Goldi Locks,
Kloidot, Sugar Cake

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