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Triceratops Toys

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Triceratops a Terrific Stuffed Dinosaur Toy

The Triceratops was a dinosaur that lived sixty-eight to
sixty-five million years ago during the late Maastrichtian
stage or the Late Cretaceous Period. It ate mainly plants
and vegetables, making it herbivorous.

The Triceratops had a large frill that was mainly bone, and
three horns on its large head. It walked on all four legs
and reminds one of the modern rhinoceros. The Triceratops is
one of the most well-known dinosaurs and is very

They roamed what would be modern North America. It is said
that the most common enemy that the Triceratops had was the
Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it is unknown whether or not the
battles they had were as depicted in stories and movies.

The Triceratops Genus was founded in 1887 from partial
fossils that had been found. A complete Triceratops skeleton
was found later. The frill and horns on a Triceratops is
believed to have been a defensive mechanism to deter
predators, but this is just a theory. One of the latest
theories claims that the frill and horns were used for
dominance and courtship much the way antlers are used by
deer, goats and reindeer.

One of the best known Ceratopsids is the Triceratops, but
the placement of the Triceratops Genus under the Ceratopsids
has long been a point of contention among paleontologists.
Two species, T. horridus and T. prorsus, are considered
okay, although many other species have been cited.

The name Triceratops, literally mean "three-horned face," is
from the Greek language. The Triceratops is estimated to
have been almost thirty feet in length and almost ten feet
high and to have weighed close to twenty-six thousand

They had a very large skull which could grow up to one third
the length of their body. The Triceratops had one horn on
its nose and a horn that measured around three feet in
length above each eye. The frill that was on the back of the
skull was relatively short in comparison with the rest of
the head. It was also solid, which is different from the
protuberances of most other dinosaurs.

Fun Filled and Amusing

Plush Stuffed Triceratops

These stuffed triceratops toy dinosaur animals
will provide you and your kids with hours
of enjoyable entertainment.

Turn off the TV and video games and get down to having
some real old fashioned fun playing with these
plush stuffed Triceratops and the rest of our stuffed
dinosaur toy animals.

These stuffed Triceratops will make
Fascinating gifts for children, and for all animal lovers.

Stuffed Plush Triceratops
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