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A Cat Story

about Jack the

Trash Can Kitty

Peppy Pets
March 28, 03

Found In A Trash can....Jack's Story

This is Jack's story. Jack the cat was found in a trash can in
West Virginia with his brothers and sisters, minutes before
the truck arrived.

They were about 5 weeks old and in such bad shape they
were brought to the shelter to be euthanized.

When someone picked them up they purred so loudly
the people at the shelter thought they should try to save them.
They found a woman who fosters kitties and she took them all.

They were in such bad shape she lost 2 of them in the first week.
Though they had some health problems she nursed them along,
and they were ready to be adopted.

Jack was sent to Virginia to a lovely woman who takes
care of orphan kitties until they are adopted. A family from
PA. was looking for a little brother for their first cat, a boy
named Lola. When they passed all the requirements to adopt,
they drove to VA. and picked Jack up.

Today Jack is doing fine as a little brother. He is affectionate
and extremely rambunctious. He still purrs very loudly, and
loves Lola and his human family.

Sent in by Barbara D.

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killing dogs and cats in Korea. The dogs are hung,
strangled, SLOWLY beaten and electrocuted.

Sometimes these poor doggies are blowtorched alive to take
off it's fur. The organization that sent me this
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until then I was never even aware of them!

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Thank you for your time!!!!

GOOD FOR TIPPY I also was horrified at not seeing Border on
the list, in my opinion they are the best. "Teddy Bear" is
half Border Collie, half Chow Chow, not one of my favorites,
I am glad he took the disposition of the Border.

Love from TIGGER.....T.T.F.N.

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