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General Pet Care.....Of Interest To All

All about Ethoxyquin
All about Euthanasia
All about Spaying & Neutering
Animal Abuse
Animal Cruelty - what and why it is
Are Euthanized Pets really in Pet Food?

Are Euthanized Pets in these Foods?
Are you Poisoning your Pet?
Asbestos & Mesothelioma in Dogs, Cats and Pets
Cold Weather Pet Care

Compare your Brand of Dog Food to Life's Abundance
Dealing with Pet Loss
Dog & Cat Shampoo
Do Pet's Grieve?

Euthanasia...what to Expect
Everything you need to know on pet Antioxidants
Flint River Ranch/Life's Abundance Food Comparison
My Pet Eats really Strange Stuff

Poisonous to your Pet
Should I be feeding Canned Food?
Should you give your Pet Vitamins?
The Problem with Veterinary Medicine

The Rainbow Bridge Story
Touched by an Angel
What every Dog, Cat & Horse just Love ! Treats!

What's the Best Pet Food for my Money?
What's really in Pet Foods?
Why are there 110 Million Sick Pets?
Why Bladder Stones and Crystals Form in Dogs and Cats

Why is Life's Abundance Food Better for my Dog?
Why is Life's Abundance Food Better for my Cat?
Your Pet's Skin & Coat Health

Each of the below links will take you to an index page that contains
a wealth of informational articles on each topic listed.

Everything Puppy
All about Dog Breeds
Everything about Dog Training and Dog Behavior
More info about Dogs than you can Imagine

Dog and Cat Health Care

Acupuncture & your Pet
All about Rabies
Bladder Stones in Dogs & Cats
Cancer & your Pet

Convulsions in Pets
Diabetes & your Pet
Dog Dandruff
Do Diet Foods really Work?
Help & Relief for Skin Problems

Holistic Veterinary Medicine
Horners Syndrome in Dogs & Cats
How can I tell if my Dog is Oveweight?
Lyme Disease & Pets

Should you Vaccinate your Pet?
Skin & Coat Problems.....what's Normal
Ticks, Lyme Disease & Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Weight Problems in Pets
When the Food you are Feeding, isn't Enough
Why is Cancer Killing our Pets?

Pet First Aid

When should I Call the Vet?
Pet Emergencies & First Aid Basics
First Aid Kit for Dogs
First Aid Kit for Cats
How to give CPR to a Dog
Veterinary Abbreviations & Acronyms

Parasites & Fleas

Natural Flea Control
All about Fleas
Preventing & Treating Parasites
Understanding and Coping with Fleas

Pet Behavior & Training

My Pet Eats really Strange Stuff
Helping Dogs & Cats get along

Miscellaneous Dog Stuff

All about Carbohydrates and Dogs or Puppies
All about Dietary Fat & your Dog or Puppy

All about Fiber and your Dog or Puppy
All about Guide Dogs & Assistance Dogs
All about Spaying and Neutering
Animals as Teachers

An introduction to Canine Frisbee
Are Grapes Safe to Eat for Dogs and Cats
Are Swiffer WetJet Cleaning Products Safe for Pets
Avoiding Dog Bites

Can Dogs cause Allergies in Humans
Dog Jokes
Don't give your Cat Chocolate
Dr. Jane's Home Health Checkup for your Dog

Earn a Boy Scout Merit Badge in Dog Care
Exercising your Dog
Feeding a Raw Food Diet, is it Right for You?
Getting Rid of Skunk Odor on a Dog
Getting Started in Agility

History of Animal Shelters & Protection Societies
History: from Wolves to Dogs
How Much Protein Does your Dog or Puppy Need

How to give CPR to a Dog
How to Remove a Tick from your Pet

How to Trim & Clip a Dog's Toenails
Introducing a new Baby to a Dog
Is Cocoa Bean Mulch Harmful for Dogs

Keep your Pet Safe during Holidays
Leaving your Dog Home Alone
Life's Abundance Dog & Cat Food is Beef Free

Mad Cow Disease & Dog and Cat Food
Nutritional Differences between Dogs and Humans

Pets for Seniors
Pet Gestation Table

Protecting your Pets during an Emergency
Studying Dog DNA Sequence

The Evolution of Dogs
Tips & Tricks for Agility
Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Dog
Traveling with your Dog

Understanding and Coping with Fleas
Veterinary Abbreviations & Acronyms
What is a Service Dog?

What's so Bad about Animal Testing?
What you need to know about Adopting a Dog
What you need to know on Getting a New Dog
Why Chocolate is Poisonous to your Dog

Animal Welfare & Pet Law

Federal Animal Welfare Act Solving Pet Over Population Problems
Air Carrier Access Act
Animal Welfare and Animal Rights
Pet Lemon Laws

Animal Bill of Rights
Information on Animal Law
Information on Dog Fighting Laws
Information on Renting with Dogs and Cats
All about Microchipping

Historical Laws about Cats
National Spay Day
Jewish Law and Killing Shelter Animals
Information on Animal Bites

Federal Wildlife Laws
U.S. Bald Eagle Protection Act
U.S. Law on Pet Ownership and Rental Housing

U.S. Code Protection of Pets
U.S. Code Prohibiting Animal Fighting
State Laws Against Cruelty to Animals
State Guide Dog Protection Laws

All about Pet Trusts
Estate Planning for your Pet Dog or Cat
Pet Food Labeling Law
What you need to know about reading Pet Food Labels
Pet Food Labeling Requirements

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